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The Hands-on Oral Surgery Course: Part 2

21 CE CORE 2


C$3,999 + HST


3 days


12 Students per session


21 CE Core 2

About the Course

The Successful completion within one year of the course "The Hands-on Oral
Surgery Course: Part 1" is a mandatory requirement

Expand your knowledge and competence in advanced oral surgery techniques. And build on the knowledge acquired from the principal course, Learn from experts and specialists and actually complete hands-on wisdom extraction on high fidelity models and animal jaws. After this high intensity 3-day course, you have not only had built-up your clinical knowledge but gain confidence in the actual implication of these techniques. You will practice on 3D printed models along with animal jaws on a variety of real-world wisdom tooth extraction situations you. All under the supervision of an oral maxillofacial surgeon, receive real day to day tips on how to identify and avoid common complications in this realm. With our hands-on education approach, we also aim to have you confidently transfer your newly learned oral surgery skills outside of wisdom teeth exodontia, including gingivectomies and tori removal. Learn the benefits and observe the harvesting and preparation of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for oral surgery application.

Course bonus if time permits: “alveolar ridge preservation on models”.

Course Director

Haissam A. Kanaan

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Course Breakdown

Day 1 (Lecture)

  • Regional anatomy

  • Advanced imaging

  • Impaction classification

  • Indications for wisdom tooth extraction

  • Difficulty assessment

  • Case selection

  • When to refer

  • Local anesthesia

  • Risk assessment of nerve damage

  • Nerve damage management

  • Wisdom tooth extraction complication

  • Patient communication for wisdom tooth extraction

  • Informed consent and record keeping

  • Prescribing medications

  • Follow up protocol

  • Flap design for exodontia of wisdom teeth

  • Principles of wisdom teeth exodontia

  • Armamentarium

  • Suturing

  • PRF literature review

  • PRF harvesting

  • PRF dental application


Day 1 to 3 - 8:30am - 5pm

**Note: Orders of topic and locations are subject to change**

Course Dates

Spring - Coming soon!

Fall - October 25th -27th, 2024 2024

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