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Crown Lengthening and Alveolar Ridge Preservation

12 CE Core 2


C$2,599 + Taxes


2 days



18 Students per session



About the Course

Functional and Esthetic Crown-lengthening Procedures 

Restorative dentistry as an art and science has made impressive advancements both in techniques and materials that could be utilized to restore teeth. However, dentists are still often encountered with situations that the remaining tooth structure above the gingiva is not adequate to provide predictable and long-term restorative success. Additionally, in today’s world, esthetics and harmonious smiles are not considered “luxury” any longer. More patients are visiting their dentists every day asking for ways to improve their “gummy” or uneven smiles. Unfortunately, despite the increased demand for functional and/ or esthetic crown-lengthening, the clinical reality is that these procedures remain underutilized or abused. This Lecture aims to provide the necessary knowledge and an evidence-based approach to functional and esthetic crown-lengthening procedures. An evidence-based review of concepts, indications/ contraindications, surgical techniques, and different approaches to enhance surgical outcomes and consequently long-term restorative stability and success will be provided.

Soft and hard tissue preservation with EVERY tooth extraction: The Ridge Preservation Techniques

Bone loss around extraction sites is often a major concern for both the patient and the dentist. This is frequently further complicated by loss of soft-tissue volume or decrease in soft-tissue quality, which could present future surgical, periodontal or prosthodontic challenges, especially in the aesthetic areas. Many procedures and materials have been used to regain or cover lost bone structure (such as bone and gingival grafts). However, the golden rule of “prevention is better than cure” applies here as well and dentists can often prevent or mitigate the effects of tooth loss on the hard and soft-tissue profile of their patients. This presentation aims at shedding more light on this important topic.

Learn from Experienced Professionals

  • 2 Days of learning with Dental Experts.

  • Practice on 3D printed models for a variety of real-world situations.

  • Simulated surgeries on sheep and pig jaws for both crown-lengthening and ridge preservation.

A tool touching the gum on a 3d graphic example of a gum

Course Requirements

List of pre requisites
  • Being a dentist dedicated to gaining the knowledge and skills to better serve their patients.

Course Certificates

  • Certificate will be presented issuing 12 CE Core 2 with the RCDSO.

Course Director

Dr. Nader Hamdan

BDS, MSC, MDent (Perio), FRCD(C), Diplomate ABP, FICD

A head shot of a dentist in front of a dark wall - Photo of Dr. Nader Hamdan, course director for the Periodontics Course.

Upcoming Dates

October 5th - 6th, 2024

Course Breakdown

Day 1 - Functional and Esthetic Crown-lengthening Procedures 

  • Review and the understand the concepts of functional and esthetic crown-lengthening.

  • Review the concept of “biologic width” and “ferrule effect”, and how that relates to functional crown-lengthening.

  • Learn the indications and contraindication for crown-lengthening procedures.

  • Understand the etiology and diagnose of excessive gingival display (gummy smile) and when to manage by esthetic crown-lengthening.

  • Review the “proportions” of anterior maxillary dentition and how can esthetic crown-lengthening help to craft harmonious proportions.

  • Review the evidence behinds crown-lengthening procedures and develop an evidence-based approach on when to restore crown-lengthened teeth.

Day 1 & 2- 9am - 5pm.

**Note: Orders of topic and locations are subject to change**

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