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The Hands-on and Didactic Endodontic Course

21 CE CORE 2


C$3,999 + HST


3 days


12 Students per session


18 CE Core 2

About the Course

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of endodontics, where the smallest structures present significant challenges in dental practice. Root canal procedures, synonymous with complexity, are the focus of our 3-day hands-on and didactic course. Tailored for both seasoned general dentists expanding their endodontic scope and beginners entering this intellectually rewarding field, the course, led by an Ontario-certified endodontist, imparts essential clinical knowledge and techniques for optimal treatment outcomes. In our hands-on workshop, gain insights into navigating complications under expert supervision and actively practice evidence-based endodontic techniques.

Course Director

Dr Luis Quiterio


Dr Luis Quiterio - Profile Photo

Course Breakdown

Day 1 (Lecture)

  • Symptomatology, Dental history, Endodontic testing.

  • Endodontic Diagnosis Definitions.

  • Assessment of previous pulp therapy/ RCT.

  • Treatment planning/ alternatives.

  • Non-Endodontic diagnosis and how to identify.

  • When to refer.

  • Patient communication in endodontics.

  • Record keeping.

  • Informed consent.

  •  Follow-up protocol.

  • The emergency appointment management.

  • Local Anesthesia in endodontics and addressing the “Hot Tooth”.

  • Endodontic prescriptions.

  • Sodium Hypochlorite accident.

  • Commonly encountered problems.

  • Why do RCT fail?

  • Standard of care in RCT treatment.

Day 1  - Active participation in case reports

  • Dive into many case scenarios you may experience in private practice using radiographs, investigations/ imagining, tests and assessments to diagnosis and treatment plan and avoid common mistakes in practice for new patients, regular patients and emergency walk-ins.


Day 1 to 3 - 8:30am - 5pm

**Note: Orders of topic and locations are subject to change**

Course Dates

Coming soon!

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