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A child receiving Paediatric Dental Treatment, common practice on this Dental Course

Paediatric Dental Treatment Course 

12 CE Core 2


C$ 2,599 + Taxes


2 days


16 Students per session



About the Course

Discover essential skills for treating pediatric patients in dentistry with our specialized course led by an esteemed Ontario pediatric dentist.

We understand the unique challenges that come with treating children, but with the right techniques and knowledge, providing optimal care can become like ABC and 123.

In this comprehensive course, gain insights into vital behavior management techniques tailored specifically for pediatric dentistry. Learn effective treatment planning strategies and receive guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls encountered in pediatric dental practice.

Delve into practical skills such as performing pulpotomies with precision, confidently placing stainless-steel crowns, and efficiently utilizing chair-side space-maintainers—without the need for a laboratory.

Participate in hands-on workshops where you will practice multiple pulpotomies, stainless-steel crown placements, chair-side space-maintainers, and more, allowing you to enhance your clinical skills and boost your confidence in treating pediatric patients.

Enrich your understanding through a blend of didactic lectures and practical, hands-on experience, ensuring that you are well-equipped to provide exceptional care to your youngest patients

Learn from Experienced Professionals

  • One full didactic day lectured by experts and more

  • One full day of hands-on training of:

    • Stainless steel crowns

    • Primary teeth pulpotomies

    • Space-Mainteners

A dentists performing a procedure on a children in a dental clinic environment. This is directly related to the Peadiatric Treatment course.

Course Requirements

List of pre requisites
  • Being a dentist dedicated to gaining the knowledge and skills to better serve their patients.

Course Certificates

  • Certificate will be presented issuing 12 CE Core 2 with the RCDSO.

Course Director

Dr. Poonam Sekhon

Pedriatic Specialist DDS, MSc. FRCD (C)

Photo of Dr. Poonam Sekhon, Course director of Paediatric Dental Treatment Course

Upcoming Dates

Coming in the Fall

Course Breakdown

Day 1 (Didactic)

  • Paedodontics is not adult dentistry

  • Infants first visit and anticipatory guidance

  • Paedodontics treatment planning

  • Paedodontics local anesthesia

  • Paedodontics behaviour management

  • Paedodontics trauma management

  • When to refer to a pedodontics

  • When to refer for sleep dentistry

  • Fluoride and Fluorosis in dentistry

  • Paedodontics restoration considerations

  • Paedodontics pulpotomy considerations and procedure

  • Paedodontics stainless-steel crowns consideration

  • Paedodontics space-maintainer considerations

  • Enamel hypoplasia identification and management

  • Informed consent in paedodontics

  • Communication with parents

  • Pre orthodontic assessment

  • When to refer to orthodontist

Day 1  & 2 - 8:30am - 5pm

**Note: Orders of topic and locations are subject to change**

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