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Day 1 

  • Sedation in Dentistry

  • Dental anxiety fear and phobia

  • Basics of Sedation and Anesthesia

  • Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology

  • Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology

  • Hepatic and Renal Anatomy and Physiology

  • Evaluation Patient Monitoring and Patient

  • Advanced Airway Assessment and Management



  • Oxygen therapy in the dental office

  • Basics of Pharmacology

  • Intravenous Sedation Pharmacology of Relevant Drugs

  • Morbidity and Mortality

  • Intravenous Technique and Management of Fluids

  • Infection control and aseptic techniques

  • Complications related to administration of Intravenous sedation


Day 3

  • Moderate Intravenous Sedation for dentistry- Indications and Contraindications

  • M.I.S. patient selection and evaluation

  • M.I.S. administration, monitoring and patient protection

  • M.I.S. complications and their management

  • M.I.S. Advanced Emergency Equipment and drugs

  • M.I.S. RCDSO Standards and Record Keeping

  • M.I.S. RCDSO sedation license and permits

Day 4 - 5

  • ACLS training and certification

4140 Steeles Ave W, Unit 10, Vaughan, ON L4L 4V3



  •  Active hands-on seminar on emergency equipment, emergency drugs, airway manipulation, crisis identification and management.

  •  Active hands-on seminar on intravenous access and set up including infection control

  • Active hands-on seminar on Midazolam preparation and case preparation

  • Simulated real world clinical situations

  • Simulated patient selection, evaluation and record keeping

The Tooth Corner (Central Parkway Mall) 377 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E, Mississauga, ON, L5A3Y1


Day 7 - 10

  • 20 cases on live patients

  • Case base seminars and lecture

  • Course-end dinner and lounge social event with instructors (for the last day only.)

The Tooth Corner (Central Parkway Mall) 377 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E, Mississauga, ON, L5A3Y1

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