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A Review of Moderate Sedation in the Dental Office

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**At the completion of this program you will receive 6 Core 2 CE Hours Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation Objective: The purpose of this course is to act as a refresher regarding key didactic points associated with the administration of Moderate Sedation in the Dental Office via either solely oral medications or in conjunction with Nitrous Oxide. The key topics addressed are as follows: Sedation in Dentistry -Prevalence and identification of dental anxiety -Oral health impact, indications and limitations of dental sedation Basics of Sedation and Anesthesia -Depth of sedation and patient evaluation -American Society of Anesthesiologists physical classification Patient Monitoring and Patient Evaluation -BP, Pulse rate and Oximetry, Respiration and Upper Airway Obstruction, Airway Assessment Management Basics of Pharmacology -Introduction to pharmacokinetics of administration, absorption metabolism, distribution, elimination and pharmacodynamics of drug interactions and therapeutic window Oral Sedation Pharmacology of Relevant Drugs -Oral Sedation Pharmacokinetics, Drug Classes, Agents and Pharmacodynamics Introduction to Pediatric Sedation -Risks and limitations, Pediatric Anatomy and Physiology Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation Administration in the Dental Office -Indications and Contraindications -Set-up in dentistry, patient evaluation and administration, complications and management

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